Joey Barton’s Twitter rant

It was reported yesterday evening, Joey Barton is under investigation by the Attorney General over tweets relating to the John Terry racism trial, where he could be in contempt of court. Time to stop digging, Joey…

Here is what he has said thus far(warning, contains plenty of gramatical errors):

1. This John Terry saga, has turned into one of the most hideously managed spectacles I have ever known. WTF is going on…… #sortitout

2. We all know what was said. Its there on TV for all to see. Do I think hes a racist? No. I think hes said something really stupid in the heat

3. of battle/argument. This should of been dealt with instantly (Like Suarez or more games) and put to bed. The longer it goes on, the worse it

4. is for the game. Racism needs to be stamped out. We all agree on that. This is now affecting England as well as those involved. I dont

5. a f*cking man and took his punishment for what he said. This is now helping nobody. The one I feel for is Anton, hes done nowt wrong and has

6. Once the issue went out of the FA’s control, it was always going to get messy. They should have dealt with it instantly. Now its a farce.

7. Should of thrown his hands up and admitted his grave error. Excepted his deserved disciplinary action and let everyone move on

8. Whose the winner in all of this? I cant think of anyone….can you? What a debacle its turned into. Sad state of affairs. Heads should roll.

After a couple of tweets being sent forward and back to Stan Collymore, Barton went on to say: “I’ll probably get a letter now from “the powers that be.” If you’re reading this don’t bother………”

Not content with leaving it there, and being well aware he could be under investigation, Barton has continued this morning with another rant.

9. I will gladly go to jail for a month, in the name of free speech. I have no problem with what I said. Make me a martyr…..

10. What are they going to do put everyone who exercises freedom of speech in jail? They’ll be a revolution, if they try that shit.

11. The hypocrisy of the situation is borderline preposterous. So incredibly sad is the current state of media in this country….. #nofear

UPDATE: Sunday, 5th February – 1.47pm

12. In my opinion, Terry should of admitted his mistake. No amount of media or other pressure, will make me think otherwise. Sorry, but for

13. a court case with a maximum punishment of £2,500 if found guilty. I believe its nonsense. FA should of dealt with it instantly and saved

14. the public the expense of the drawn out legal proceedings. Who will foot the bill at the end? Yep, you guessed it! The British Taxpayer…..

15. Nobody has died, nobody is injured. Its for all to see on TV, whats gone on, in my opinion. Who stands to win in all this? Nobody……

16. It should of been dealt with instantaneously. Not allowed to drag on and on. People getting sent bullets in the post, for this shit…..

17. Do me a f*cking favour……….

18. I didnt hear anything or see anything during the game it was not near me. All I know is the whole debacle is doing my head in. #itsnonsense

19. What is the point of living, if you cannot express your opinion. Not having an opinion is not living, its surviving.

20. That is me done on the subject of Terry-gate. I’ve said my piece, u know were I stand. Let justice take its course now…..

For more, follow the man himself @Joey7Barton – he might eventually put down the shovel and stop digging.


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