My Top Five goals – #2 Jack Duignan

The second post in ‘My Top Five goals’ series, comes this time from another West Ham fan, Jack Duignan whose top five contains a great mix of different strikes.

5. Paolo Di Canio vs Chelsea

As a West Ham fan, it’s easy to pick this but I would expect fans from all clubs to pick this goal. As soon as you mention Paolo Di Canio you remember the goals he scored, the way he owned the pitch, the way he quite frankly didn’t care what anyone thought of him. This goal will go down as one of the best goals to ever be scored in the English Premier League and this one isn’t even his best…..

4. Roberto Carlos vs France

Roberto Carlos. What can I say about him? The best left back of all time maybe. The man made me want to be a left back. I worked hard as a kid when I saw this goal, trying to kick the ball with my left foot with power and accuracy so I could hit free-kicks just like him. Nobody will ever score a better free kick than this. Don’t try and tell me it was a fluke or he never meant it, he knew exactly what he was doing.


3. David Beckham vs Greece

The reason why this goal is in my top 5 is because of the importance of it. I remember standing there in my father’s pub, silence, people with their arms around their best friends and loved ones, biting nails along with the rest of the nation. The roar I heard as the ball hit the back of net is something I will never forget. What we witnessed was a man become a national hero with one kick of a ball and arguably the best performance of his career.

2. Paolo Di Canio vs Wimbledon

Maybe I am wrong to do this and maybe a bit bias as a West Ham fan BUT again Paolo Di Canio appears, this time against Wimbledon. Great delivery from Sinclair to the back post to a calm Di Canio who releases possibly the best bicycle kick ever. This is what Di Canio is remembered for the most in the English Premier League.


1. Zinedine Zidane vs Bayer Leverkusen

The reason why this is my number one is because he is the best player I have ever seen on the football pitch and for me is the best footballer of all time. Not only is this a great goal but it is in a Champions League final and it’s a volley. Ladies and gentleman I give you my favourite goal of all time from my favourite player, Zinedine Zidane.

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