My Top Five goals: #1 Daniel Speller

We have another new guest blogger in our midst – as West Ham fan Daniel Speller showcases his top five ‘Greatest Premier League Goal’s of All Time. In what could be the beginning of a new series…

A hot topic of debate for many a football fan – what is the greatest goal of all time? A “great” goal can consist of a piece of skill, a forty yard thunderbolt or a match-winning overhead kick or even a simple tap in after a beautifully knitted thread of thirty passes. Below I’m going to list my Top 5 Premier League goals of all time. Ready?

5) Dennis Bergkamp v Newcastle

Not only was it a sublime piece of skill from the Dutch master followed by an even better finish it was a fantastic team move as-well. Recently voted the 7th best goal in Premier League history it’s easy to see why he gained legendary status at Highbury. The move started deep in Arsenal’s own half and within three passes the ball found itself in the back of the net. Not to mention the ball into Bergkamp’s feet from Pires was a beauty too.  This goal just about pipped another Gooner, Robin Van Persie into my Top 5. His thunderbolt against Charlton will live long in the memory of many a football fan.

4) Matt Le Tissier v Newcastle

What a special bit of skill this is. Again a move started inside their own half Southampton hoofed a long ball forward into the Newcastle half, a header down to the holy feet of Le Tissier who flicks the ball over his head, over the head of an oncoming defender and another and then a cool finish into the corner of the net.  In my opinion one of the single greatest pieces of skill of all time it’s easy to see why Le Tiss was idolised by Southampton fans.

3) Alan Shearer v Everton

In my opinion the second best volley of all time after Paolo Di Canio – an absolute rocket from the ex-England man.  The ball perfectly headed so it dropped onto his right foot and then at what appears to be 100mph+, absolutely flies into the net.  Cue wild celebrations from Shearer and his team mates as they struggle to believe what just happened. As I say only just beaten by Di Canio to the greatest Premier League volley of all time it’s easy to see why Shearer was considered one of the best strikers around.

2) Cameron Jerome v Liverpool

In what is going to be considered a surprise admission by many, in at number two is Cameron Jerome.  When you hear and think of Jerome you wouldn’t have thought he was a player capable of unleashing a rocket from 30+ yards but believe me he is as Reina found out in the 2009/2010 season.  Jerome, using his upper body strength powered past a couple of Liverpool defenders and unleashed a beauty which sailed into the top corner of the net.  Jerome who hasn’t repeated this undoubted skill since might just be a one hit wonder nonetheless what a way to be remembered. (Goal at 1min 28sec)

1) Paolo Di Canio vs Wimbledon

The one, the only Paolo Di Canio.  You know what goal I’m talking about the absolute beauty of a volley commonly known around the world as “The Di Canio”. A fantastic team move that shall I say, ripped apart a Wimbledon side that ended up in what I believe to be the Greatest Goal of all time.  Yes as a West Ham fan you could consider me biased but tell me, have you seen anything like it since?  A brilliant ball from the late Foe to Sinclair who bettered Foe’s ball to him to Di Canio who timed his leap perfectly and beautifully finished.  Those immortal words uttered by Martin Tyler “Di Canio oh, I do not believe that, that is sensational” will certainly live in my memory forever.  Long hail the king.

You can check out Daniel’s blog, and also follow him on Twitter



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