Eamon Dunphy – genius or gobshite?

‘You’re never going to win a popularity contest writing about football, but if you write with conviction, if you write from the heart, if you’re passionate about the game, readers will sense that and be prepared to have their own beliefs challenged’

Best known for his sweeping statements and scathing reviews – Eamon Dunphy is widely regarded as Ireland’s best football pundit. The former Millwall midfielder is part of RTÉ’s football analysis panel, which is without doubt the best in the business.

Bill O’Herlihy is the ringmaster and knows how to push Dunphy’s buttons; Johnny Giles is his sparring partner after years of working together the trio have built up great camaraderie. Graham Souness is the newest edition to the panel and fits right in, with the boys, replacing Liam Brady who left to become assistant manager to Giovanni Trapattoni.

Brady’s most memorable appearance on the panel had to be when he went head-to-head with Dunphy over a piece of footage regarding Arsenal, and Arsene Wenger. He certainly isn’t the first to feel the brunt of Dunphy’s outbursts, and won’t be the last.

Dunphy is a class act in what he does, but sometimes there is a line and he crosses it, his views can be biased but it’s the fact that when he believes in something he will stick it to the bitter end.

Therefore, for me, Eamon Dunphy is a genius.


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