Keanewatch: Stubble and strife.

Its back, Keano’s stubble is a growing. I wonder why that is? It could be due to the fact that Ipswich has yet to win a game this season, and this weekend fell to their sixth league defeat. This time they were beaten by fellow strugglers Barnsley, who won 2-1.

In the post-match press conference Keane was very angry, as questions were more focused on Jon Macken’s injury time winner for the Tykes, rather than a missed penalty, which he felt Barnsley should never have been given.

‘You’ve watched the game and none of you have asked me about the bloody penalty’ he said angrily ‘That about sums you up’

We always knew the former Sunderland managers’ statement when he took over last season that he would guide Ipswich to promotion within two years, or else it would be a failure on his part to be a bit of a jinx.

In a previous post on here I said – ‘Keane will be gone by October if things don’t change, he couldn’t hack it as a player, and he won’t hack it as a manager either, not in the Premier League anyway. Perhaps his should stick to walking his dog?

While the club have come out and backed Keane, that surely won’t stop him from walking away. The former Manchester United captain certainly has made history at Ipswich, as the club continue their worst start to a season ever. 11 games in they are bottom of the Championship, drawn 5 games, lost 6 games and are still looking for their first victory. Surely the fans have had enough, because I certainly have, and I am neither and Ipswich supporter or a Roy Keane supporter, but I think for the benefit of the club he has to go.

If Ipswich realistically want to get promoted they have two options, sack Keane, or starting winning soon, in order to climb up the table. I know it’s early in the season, but the Tractor Boys only chance of promotion now is via the play-offs.

As I did in a previous post I quoted Eamon Dunphy in his biration of Keane in the Daily Star but here is another quote that sums up the situation – ‘Life is tough for professional footballers without having to cope with the manager casting a dark shadow on the training pitch. Looking at Keane’s time in Sunderland, I feel he had an intimidating effect on the squad.’

‘He rarely ever says anything complimentary about players and Steve Bruce’s brief spell at Sunderland shows what a proper manager can do at that club.’

A proper manager is what Ipswich need right now, because Keane is not the man to lead them out of the championship, well, he is, but not in the right direction. Ipswich are certainly not susceptible to relegation, just look at Leeds, Charlton, Norwich and Southampton as an example of that.

For now, the Tractor Boys are stuck in a pit more bottomless than Victoria Beckham, but help could be on the way as the wally with the brolly, Steve McClaren is in the frame to replace Keane.


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