Trap extends his regins.

It’s great to hear that Giovanni Trapattoni has decided to sign a new contract with Ireland which will take him right through to the end of the Euro 2012 qualifiers, but at the same time it’s a completly bizarre deal.

Ireland have not yet qualified for next years World Cup which was Trapattoni’s original brief when he took over two years ago, so why offer him a new contract now?

Well, first of all the FAI are not actually paying his contract, billionaire Denis O’Brien is, he was the one who originally agreed to pay the Italian’s contract when he was recruited, and he is now part-funding this extension also.

Secondly, O’Brien’s money is endless, so if he wants to waste it then he can, but I don’t think he will be wasting it. Trap has done a fantastic job since taking over, despite people not agreeing with some of he selections, and his continued stand-off with Andy Reid, but the main point is we have yet to qualify for the World Cup next summer.

Why not wait until after qualification? Then table a new off, or are we afraid that if we don’t qualify he’ll walk and we will be once again left in disarray?
A point in Dublin next month would be enough to secure automatic qualification for world champions Italy, while it would also guarantee Ireland the play-off spot if Bulgaria fail to win in Cyprus. While qualification is certainly within our grasp, it will most likely be through the play-off situation.

If we did gain a victory against Italy at Croke Park, it would send us into our final fixture knowing that a win over Montenegro would book our passage to the finals, provided Cyprus deny the Italians a victory.
I am more than confident of Trapattoni’s management, and think we should be qualify for Africa. €2million says we don’t?

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